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                             This Is My first Blog And I Am Going To Write About A Biographical Movie Which I Had Watched Yesterday(Date:13/08/2017 ).Name Of That Movie Is “The Social Network” Have You Watched This Movie?

“Do Yo Know Who Is World’s Youngest Billionaire ?”


I Will Give An Answer Of This Question Later.

This Movie Is Based On Worlds Youngest Billionaire Who Is One Of The Best Harvard Student.

In This Movie, One Student Hacked Harvard’s Server And Built A Website Called

He Had Done This In One Single Night And He Was Also Drunk At That Time.  In Morning At 4 O’clock, Harvard’s Server Got Crashed.At That Time No One Could Do That Type Of Work At 4 O’clock.And He Was A Second-Year Student At Harvard. There After He Made One Website Only For Harvard Students. There After He Made Website For All Users.He Connected The Whole World With Website.He Has Done Many Things He Made A Music App For Windows Bill Gates Asked Him To sell That App. To Him But, He Uploaded That For Free.

Awesome Movie Just Watch It.

Moral Of This Movie

  1. Being A Friend Vs Being A Business Partner.
  2. Anger Is Powerful (And May Increase Your Productivity).

  3.  Ideas Are Meant To Be Executed.

If You Want To Be A Billionaire You Have To Execute This Things. 

Link Of That Movie-The social network

Name Of That Guy Is Mark Zuckerberg.

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